CatalystPay Fintech Branding Case Study

CatalystPay's Content Marketing Investment Yields over 300% Increase in Brand Awareness, 15000 Fintech People Reached Monthly

CatalystPay is a provider of tailored payment solutions, who is servicing more than 350 business clients, with a record of over 8.2 million processed transactions in 2023. 


As a company aiming to become the financial hub for digitally-native businesses, CatalystPay’s mission is to deliver financial services that cater to the unique demands of fast-growing merchants and aid them in navigating the intricacies of payment systems.



When we first joined forces more than a year ago, CatalystPay confronted a series of marketing and communication challenges. 


Operating in a highly competitive niche with a commodity product, CatalystPay was a new brand struggling with a lack of trust and unfavorable comparisons to established market players.  The goal was clear: differentiate the brand, establish a unique market position, and increase brand awareness to meet ambitious business goals.


The Start of Our Journey with CatalystPay

Beginning with our custom-designed Brand Messaging Workshop, The Storytelling Studio aimed to lay a solid foundation for CatalystPay’s marketing and communications strategy. This workshop served as the foundation for identifying the brand’s competitive edge, understanding customer needs, and clearly articulating the company’s value proposition.


The workshop also helped bring organizational alignment and a unified brand understanding across all levels of CatalystPay.




Over the next nine months, we executed a comprehensive communication plan and content marketing strategy, focusing on organic growth. 


Our contributions included: 


  • the creation of a messaging strategy and framework that reflects the brand’s position in the industry, building their online presence and highlighting their value proposition, brand personality, and key benefits; 
  • the creation and dissemination of over 30 in-depth articles and 100+ social media posts that communicated CatalystPay’s strengths and industry insight;
  • forging content partnerships with influential founders and investors in the e-commerce and SaaS vertical by being backed by the most influential tech media outlet in CEE – The Recursive. These alliances were key to CatalystPay’s content strategy and social media engagement, encouraging dialogue with potential customers, partners, and fintech thought leaders;
  • extended to community engagement and fostering CatalystPay interactions and comments on LinkedIn, solidifying the company’s presence in the fintech ecosystem;
  • multiple PR initiatives that successfully placed CatalystPay’s story in high-profile fintech media outlets such as Finextra and FFNews, enhancing the brand’s industry presence.

Results & Impact

  • Visibility Growth: currently CatalystPay reaches 15,000 people on a monthly basis, more than 300% increase compared to the month before the start of our collaboration, reflecting improved brand visibility and engagement;
  • Unique Page Visitor Growth: a 187% increase in monthly unique page visitors, indicating heightened brand interest and improved market penetration;
  • Social Media Growth: a consistent month-over-month follower growth of 53% on average has brought the company’s following to the verge of 1800 individuals, increasing their social proof and awareness, with 53k unique views;
  • Engagement Growth: Monthly engagements on social media posts have also witnessed a 307% increase, showing strong content resonance with the target audience and meaningful dissemination.

Beyond operational content production and promotion, we continued to provide CatalystPay with strategic marketing and PR consultancy, contributing to their evolution into a trusted brand within the fintech space, and uncovering new opportunities for market positioning. In their own words: 


“Your messaging strategy gave me nice butterflies in my stomach. I really appreciate having this feeling of support and having a partner to brainstorm and bounce ideas with. What I appreciate the most from our partnership is their friendly approach to work. You are always reachable and flexible in solutions may it be a small daily content task or a long term strategy. As a B2B startup, we really value your strong leadership and insight of the startup and tech scene in CEE. You’re a partner we definitely rely on in building our brand and business success story.” – Stanimira Radeva, CMO of CatalystPay.



CatalystPay’s journey with The Recursive Storytelling Studio illustrates our agency’s ability to navigate and communicate within the very technical and overcrowded niche of fintech growth through brand differentiation. This partnership brought a tangible increase in brand engagement and awareness, while also establishing CatalystPay as a notable player in the fintech industry, ready to meet its future growth targets.