Leanplum Case Study

PR for M&A: How Our Strategic Communication Presented Leanplum’s Acquisition and Employer Brand to an Audience of 11.4 Million People

Leanplum, a leading customer engagement platform, had raised $131.2 million in funding by 2022 and served as the backend infrastructure for retention marketing of billions of users on platforms like Tinder, Lyft, TED, among others. Founded in 2012 with roots in Sofia, Leanplum has consistently collaborated with the Storytelling Studio team over the years.


The Challenge

The spring of 2022 brought transformative news for Leanplum: an acquisition by CleverTap aimed at unifying two powerhouses to extend their global market reach and product integration. This phase marked a need for strategic communication to not only publicize the acquisition but also to underline the enhanced services and opportunities resulting from the merger. 


Leanplum’s immediate goal post-acquisition was to grow its Sofia team by 20% in six months, necessitating an effective campaign that would also bolster its reputation as a top employer for top software talent.


Our Solution

Storytelling Studio, backed by the most influential tech media outlet in CEE – The Recursive, used its robust network of journalist contacts across Bulgaria and Western markets to develop and pitch an international PR campaign. This insider advantage, combined with our deep understanding of technology and our journalistic thinking enabled the crafting of a message that resonated well with media outlets, ensuring the story was not only heard but also engaged with.


We approached the campaign with the drafting of an international messaging strategy, followed by a media outreach plan, pitching to global and local journalists, and production of high-quality content in multiple formats. 

The campaign’s narrative was designed to highlight the strengths of the merged entities and to place Sofia’s office at the forefront of an exciting workplace transformation. By focusing on employer branding through articles, video production, and community events, the strategy aimed to attract top-notch professionals by showcasing Leanplum’s commitment to product innovation and employee growth.


Results/ Impact

The campaign’s execution resulted in prominent media coverage, featuring in global top-tier outlets like TechCrunch and Tech.eu as well as Bulgarian national TV and leading online publishers. The extensive reach of the campaign, with an estimated 320,000+ views of 20 media articles and coverage leveraging an 11.4 million monthly audience, solidified Leanplum’s public image as an innovative leader in its field.


Importantly, our strategic content production played a crucial role in illustrating Leanplum’s growth opportunities and forward-thinking culture, effectively supporting their employer branding efforts. 


By presenting the Sofia office as a dynamic center for career development and innovation, the campaign not only communicated the news of the acquisition but also positioned the company’s ambition in front of potential employees. This impact was significant for Leanplum’s objective to strengthen its team by up to 35% in the following six months after the acquisition, reinforcing its brand as an employer of choice for tech talent.



Dr. Hristo Pentchev, Site Lead at Leanplum, fully endorsed the efforts of The Recursive: “We thank The Recursive Storytelling Studio team for their tireless and highly professional support in our acquisition campaign. Much work went into organizing a fantastic and rewarding PR week in Bulgaria. We’ve got great cross-country regional coverage with double-digit interviews and a couple of high-quality video recordings. 


The video shootings were organized and executed at the level of blockbuster movie production. The Recursive Storytelling Studio helped us in all phases – concept, content creation, and campaign execution and enabled us to have an immense reach in the startup and tech ecosystem in Bulgaria and Southeast Europe, telling our story genuinely and objectively.  We are happy to have such a great partner for sharing our journey and learnings and letting everybody know about our ambitious goals and team growth plans.”



The successful collaboration with Leanplum underscored Storytelling Studio’s unique selling proposition: leveraging an influential media presence and journalistic thinking to produce a high-impact PR campaign. This unique approach not only delivered an effective corporate narrative but also fortified Leanplum’s position as a leading tech employer post-acquisition, fulfilling its goal for significant team growth within a competitive talent market. The case study epitomizes The Storytelling Studio’s role in delivering strategic communication that supports clients through pivotal transformations, facilitating their expansion and reinforcing their market presence.