SessionStack Case Study

Expanding Horizons: SessionStack's PR Success in the CEE Market

SessionStack, an AI-enhanced Digital Experience Analytics platform that helps online retailers convert visitors into customers, hired Storytelling Studio to run a PR campaign to expand its reach and visibility in the CEE/SEE region and set the stage for future growth and success.



Increase brand awareness and international visibility for SessionStack in CEE, with plans to upscale to the US market once established in the region.


Results Overview

  • 10 media publications
  • 4 potential clients/influencers posts
  • Accumulated monthly media reach of over 9.3 million visits
  • Potential reach through partners’ network – over 13,500 followers

Campaign Impact for SessionStack

Before this PR campaign, SessionStack had gained some visibility with the Bulgarian media following its funding announcement in 2023. The brand had no media exposure outside of Bulgaria and wanted to build awareness in the region because of its business goals to expand internationally.


Our strategic approach was two-fold: choice of messaging and choice of media outlets. Our messaging was based on the premise that e-commerce in the CEE region is growing exponentially and SessionStack AI can help e-commerce business owners grow their revenue multiplefold. In terms of media targeting, we focused on regional media and leading local business and commerce news sites in selected CEE countries. The public data cited was tailored to each country.


The results were securing coverage in some of the leading Bulgarian business media such as Forbes Bulgaria, Bloomberg TV, Investor, Digitalk, regional media outlets such as The Recursive, Trending Topics, and BNN Breaking, as well as industry-specific publications in neighboring countries such as Romanian Business Journal and FMCG Retail Romania, expanding SessionStack’s presence in the Balkan/CEE region.


In addition to mainstream media, the campaign also engaged with potential clients and influencers through social media, resulting in positive responses from notable figures and e-commerce startups. Through the Storytelling Studio network, SessionStack was invited to join the conversation series of CatalystPay,  an end-to-end payment solutions provider tailored to the needs of established and emerging online businesses. By tailoring messages to each market’s specific needs, SessionStack effectively positioned itself as a valuable solution for e-commerce businesses in the region.

Overall, the PR campaign set the stage for future media conversations in the CEE region.