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Our team has collaborated with hundreds of tech scaleups from CEE on their international go-to-market strategies. We are your growth partner, specializing in crafting effective positioning and messaging strategies. We then translate these into successful PR campaigns that boost company awareness and credibility in new markets, empowering your sales team and business expansion.

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PR & Go-to-Market ROI Calculator

PR & Go-to-Market ROI Calculator

Discover the potential impact of our services on your business. This calculator helps you estimate the return on investment from our PR and Go-to-Market strategies, tailored to your revenue goals.

Estimate Your ROI

Total Potential Benefit

Based on an estimated investment of €50,000 in our services

Effective Messaging

Can result in a 10% increase in sales from new markets

Media Coverage

Can drive a 5% increase in customer acquisition

Improved Credibility

Can shorten sales cycles and improve conversion rates by up to 2%

Brand Awareness

Can enhance customer trust and preference, leading to easier sales in new markets

Access to Networks

Can lead to substantial deals worth €20,000 to €30,000

Market Intelligence

Can lead to better strategic decisions, potentially worth €10,000 to €15,000


We love working with Storytelling Studio by The Recursive! Apart from being very professional at what they do, they became good, supporting friends and we often find ourselves brainstorming about what else we can do together and about innovative ways in which we can approach media and PR work. And, given entrepreneurship is also in their blood, great ideas emerge out of our conversations!
Mihnea Craciun
Mihnea Craciun
Managing Director @ Endeavor Romania
Your messaging strategy gave me nice butterflies in the stomach. I really appreciate having this feeling of support and being a partner to brainstorm and bounce ideas with. What I appreciate the most from our partnership is their friendly and open approach to work. They are always reachable and flexible in solutions may they be a small daily content task or a long term strategy. As a B2B startup, we really value their strong leadership and insight of the startup and tech scene in CEE. It’s a partner we definitely rely on in building our brand and business success story.
Stanimira Radeva
Stanimira Radeva
CMO, CatalystPay
We thank the Storytelling Studio team for their tireless and highly professional support. Much work went into organizing such a fantastic and rewarding PR week! We've got great cross-country regional coverage with double-digit interviews and a couple of high-quality video recordings. The video shootings were organized and executed at the level of blockbuster movie production. Storytelling Studio helped us in all phases - concept, content creation, and campaign execution and enabled us to have an immense reach in the startup and tech ecosystem, telling our story genuinely and objectively. We are happy to have such a great partner for sharing our journey and learnings and letting everybody know about our ambitious goals and team growth plans. 
Hristo Pentchev
Dr. Hristo Pentchev
Site Lead, CleverTap